Historical Reproduction

When it comes to historical reproduction, detail is everything. Whether you are replacing old or damaged concrete items with new ones, or replacing an outdated building material with cast stone or architectural precast, your project needs the dedicated attention of a skilled team of designers, mold makers, and production workers to ensure that every new piece is a perfect reconstruction of the original. Nelson Precast has the experienced craftsmen needed to repair damaged originals, cast new molds from them, and create new pieces that will blend seamlessly with the originals.

Many historical building products, such as architectural terra cotta, are either unavailable, unaffordable, or undesirable for a modern building. Nelson Precast specializes in replacing these older materials that are susceptible to deterioration and failure with modern building materials like architectural cast stone and precast. At Nelson, we have the experience needed to match the weight, color and texture, of architectural terra cotta, natural limestone, and many others.